A New Approach to Learning

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Don't Think That Way!

Much of what we learned about learning was inferred from our early education.  But the past two decades of research in cognitive science and the insights it provides into how our mind works, changes those assumptions.  You can benefit.

Our counsel is aiding you before you have to say: "I wish I had known." We are continually developing tools for faster, but deeper ways of better learning and better answers.  We use new approaches to learning along with our extensive experience in creating knowledge.

Try the first of our new webinars at the Skillshare site.  How to Question is the topic.

Try our book -- I Need to Know: How to Find & Learn Anything. Print and e-book versions can be found at Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace.  See link above for more info.  Book #2 is in the works.

Let us help you with the tough questions.  We offer innovative training.  And we have done work on many topics (e.g. voice dialing, active learning, e-books on iBooks, online teaching, and the future of libraries) for groups, institutions and individuals.  

Let's partner -- to find it and learn about it together.  We help you with the demands of change and the needs for urgent answers.  As change managers and research analysts, we can save you from costly mistakes and mission critical time.  We can help you organize your office data, files, technology.

Contact us:  908-752-0125 (cell); msthom2@verizon.net