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Two quotes by Teddy Roosevelt:

  • “I am a part of everything that I have read.”

  • “Books are almost as individual as friends.”

Use Your Library to Advantage

The point is NOT to ignore books and the library.  Google gets you started and answers factual questions.  It is far too scattered and littered with junk for a thorough review, in-depth on any topic.  

But, when you want to learn a topic and explore many more of its facets, use the library to get your bearings.

Two resources in libraries that most people ignore:

1- The online catalog finds books on many topics, but you need to pay attention to the Subject Headings.  The content of the books are cataloged according to Dewey or Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Ask your Librarian.

2- The online databases contain articles from thousands of magazines.  This is material that is walled-off, gated, or behind a paywall, as they say.  That means that you will NOT find it on the Internet.  These publishers sell their content to institutions, like schools and libraries ONLY.  Ask your librarian.

How to research is a key skill in today's work-at-home and competitive job market.  Learn how to supplement your Internet searching with your local library resources!

Knowledge Resources

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