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My New Book on Gourd History Available

I spent the last three years conducting professional research on the long history and amazing story of gourds in America.  And I just published a book about the history of the bottle gourd.  (April 2022) 

Gourd book cover_edited.jpg

Pressed Flowers & Gourds

Spent several years now, picking, pressing and using wildflowers on many of my gourd creations.  Will be offering a workshop at the North Carolina Gourd Gathering.



Birdhouses are the best way to offer homes to our bird friends.  All natural, they keep cool, drain easily, last year to year.


My Gourd Background

I am a long-time gourd grower, crafter, and artist.  On ETSY, I sell birdhouses, canteens, bowls etc.  My speciality is pressed flowers, and all natural creations.   See more on canteens.


Paleo-Indian Culture in America

I am investigating the location of ancient gourds in museums, national parks, and archaeological sites in the U.S.  Will post findings here later this year.

Image: Rangasyd, CC BY-SA 4.0

Arch Dig Photo.jpeg

American Gourd Society

Please join the rest of us by joining the national group for gourders, the American Gourd Society at


See more on gourd history....

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