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Catching Lies on Tape

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Recordings that is. The new book, called "Rage" by the famous Watergate reporter, Bob Woodward speaks volumes. As a Washington Post reporter he has interviewed President Trump a number of times. And, of course, much of what he and others at the Post report in their newspaper is denied vehemently by the White House.

But this time, Woodward has actual recordings that debunks the fake Trump denials. Trump is heard on the recording saying that COVID-19 is dangerous. That it is real. That we should be doing something.

But he denies COVID as a threat whenever he speaks in public to keep his Miracle on K Street cogwheels in place and pumping. He tells America's citizens nothing of thee truth.

Trump claims he was avoiding a panic among Americans. But he neither speaks about COVID nor does anything about it. He believes his own words. On tape with Woodward, he admits that he knew COVID was a real, present, and dangerous threat.

Not what he as claimed all this time. He claimed that no one knew it was a threat and that we did not know we needed to prepare and prevent. That is Fake News. Or is it simply lying? No, there is just the truth and if I speak the opposite, I lie. Whether it is in the press, online, or person to person. There is no such thing as fake news.

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