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Four to one, We got you.

According to a recent NPR report, while the rest of the country believes Trump helped incite the riot at the Capitol Building, only 17% of Republicans do. Only 20% of Republicans believe that “the results of the election were accurate.”

If you blame the so-called bubble, then all that does is excuse the existence of people who talk about, spread, encourage lies to continue. In our regular, non-political, lives we have to face reality all of the time. If someone insists that the company they are working for is gypping them in pay, and they tell everyone, all the time, that this is so. Soon, they will not have a job.

If we, as citizens, are convinced that the system is corrupt or broken, we should move to fix it. We should investigate all perspectives, reach out to the folks in power and work on a solution. But the above numbers reflect that

According to Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank data, the population splits in thirds: about 34% of us are Independents; about 33% are Democrats; and about 29% are Republicans. So that means 24% believe Trump is innocent of any involvement in the Capitol riots; and 23% of the overall population do not believe the 2020 election results. That percent is certainly enough to feed the pockets of far-right media outlets but is not enough to change reality!

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