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I am crazy, admit it

Knowing what’s real these days is actually quite difficult.

Think about a target, bull’s eye red dot, in the center of the target. Some of us are shooting arrows at others and we don’t even know what target we are aiming at. Do we know the range of opinions and the thinking that is taking place out there?

We always compare ourselves to others – in appearance, deed, and thought. We can’t help it. Sometimes this comparison is about fairness. But do we worry about the impact of our opinions? Why do we need to tell others what we think? Why not just listen?

All of this suggests that we step back at times to think about where we are and what we are doing. If I drove with you on a rural highway and your car was without headlights, bumper or exhaust system, I would speak up. You could express your conviction that they were all unnecessary, but the reality the impact on your driving with such a car would not help me.

And society would also restrain you.

These days, we allow all kinds of thoughts and expressions to go live on the Web. Some are helpful, many are not. Are you driving around without headlights? Are you thinking you are in the right? Think again.

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