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Republicans Lie

Please think carefully about how you will vote this November. In the Somerset Hills, we must vote for Tom Malinowski to keep his seat in the 7th Congressional District. We cannot afford to have a naysayer Republican, like his opponent Tom Kean, in NJ. Before he left his state office early in 2022, Tom Kean had voted against reproductive freedom, against renewable solar energy, recycling plastics, and against offshore wind energy. If he were to go to Washington, he would join two NJ Republican House members, Chris Smith and Jeff Van Drew, in supporting Trump’s army and their anti-democratic agenda.

That would be catastrophic. Why? It comes down to one word – NO. This year, the two Republicans concurred with one another and their party 90% of the time by saying NO. For example, Van Drew in this Session of Congress voted against the Inflation Reduction Act; the Right to Contraception Act; the Dream Act; the formation of the January 6th Commission; the Assault Weapons Ban; and even the Supreme Court Security Funding Act. With the people in mind, Malinowski voted yes on all these bills and our country is moving forward. How much clearer can the decision be? Re-elect Malinowski on Tuesday, November 8th.

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