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Time to Catch the Crook

Great news about scholarly research efforts now underway. Dr. Joan Donovan who runs the Technology and Social Change Project at Harvard has launched a new publicly accessible research effort about misinformation. For those interested in the core dynamics and current theories of misinformation in the marketplace, the place to go is her team's Media Manipulation Casebook (special website which has in-depth case studies. The aim is, over time, to build 100 case studies about misinformation and various media manipulation efforts around the world.

If you go to the site right now, you can find analysis of the first twelve, very relevant, current fake news about, for example, the Florida Parkland Shooting; the "Plandemic" efforts to misinform about COVID; and the whole thing about the whistleblower and the Trump Ukraine scandal.

The case studies are very detailed, giving a step by step view of how the manipulation of the media worked. This site will become a detailed insightful resource for studying many of these critical issues. The Harvard effort is managed out of the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy. See

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