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Voting fraud is a fraud

Ben Ginsburg is fighting election fraud or at least trying to find it. As a GOP lawyer assigned to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, he is frustrated. Combatting the onslaught of misinformation from Republicans about supposed poll snafus, ballot stacking, and other kinds of election, i.e. voting fraud, the Commission he is on found little to nothing. "In every election, Republicans have been in polling places and vote tabulation centers. Republican lawyers in every state have been able to examine mail-in/absentee ballot programs." There is nothing there.

Nothing on a wide or national scale of any kind has been found. Ginsburg has practiced election law almost 40 years and has spoken out against the misinformation about fraud with the

facts. He points out that Trump even hosted a special commission just after the 2016 election and it disbanded without finding anything of concern.

Instead Ginsburg says, "The president’s rhetoric has put my party in the position of a firefighter who deliberately sets fires to look like a hero putting them out.”

From Axios. 9.9.20 “Republicans have no proof of widespread fraud.”

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