Watchdogs to the Rescue

Despite a lot of conversation around our fears this year, local polling went smoothly. Even with COVID and the record setting numbers, the election structures and processes worked.

However, this election, or really this news cycle, may never end. Found to be so effective, misinformation will be continually used to sway public opinion. Even if we stop some of the major foreign players, we, ourselves, will pass on fake news to one another.

In the VOX news site, November 6, 2020, it reports that on YouTube there are hundreds of sites that report findings that the election was not run fairly, accurately, or honestly. Hundred of thousands of views were recorded, most from some of the regular right-wing sites, like One America News Network.

Take note of the organization, however, that can help us see through this nonsense. Transparency Tube is a non-profit that identifies and announces false news sources on YouTube videos. Media Matters is another group that tracks groups that continually post false news, like the Donald Trump channel and Fox News.

Be a savvy news hound, check out sources that report news that seems a bit off. You will be surprised by the number of reliable watchdogs out there.

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