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Better Than Google

Let's make sure you take full advantage of Google when doing information research.  By doing so, you learn some information literacy tricks too!



What are the essentials in searching?

  • After your search results come up, look at the top and Use the TABS ALL / IMAGES / NEWS / BOOKS ............

  • Search simple: Pizza places nearby

  • Or Search complex: job interview questions techniques “public relations” PR positions

  • Use words that would appear in the site, not words in form of a question: Your question: How many poor people are black or Hispanic? Your search phrase: poverty rates minority black hispanic non-white

  • Get all Google doodles (animated cartoon) by hitting I’m feeling Lucky

  • Search news archives as old as mid-1880s

  • Select Google News (upper right boxes)- Search Tools – Recent - Archives

Search phrases with unknown words

Use * (asterisk) and “” (quotes) to find the unknown Ex: “* is bigger than Earth”. Answer: sun

Search definitions and spellings

Ex: define:byte. Answer: basic unit of measure in computer storage

Search for a particular meaning of a word

Use hyphen to avoid a particular search term (because of several meanings) Ex. “rat fink” -rodent. Answer:slang for detestable person

Search within just the title

searches for the word ONLY in the Title field of the website. Ex. Intitle:sasquatch. Answer:big foot info

Social tag search Add symbol “@” before the search term.
Ex: @sternshow. Answer: finds Howard Stern Twitter account etc.

How do I search for specific words, phrases, and titles?

Search exact phrases Use quotes to search an exact phrase.

Ex: “boston commons”. To find the central park in downtown Boston, MA.

Searching trending topics

Add a hashtag before the search term to get the results with trending topics. Ex. #trumpwasright. Finds very current postings of same.

Advanced google search tips literacy information literacy

How do I search for specific sites?

  • Search for links in your site that link to another site. Search for related sites to the one you use.

  • Search info about site. See most recent past view of site. How do I limit my search down to a specific hit?

  • Do a search within one site Search for a type of file Search for Image

  • warriors and

  • moon and Filetype:pdf

  • click on Images (search) then paste the actual image

  • Or click & drag image file into the search box

Office productivity tools via

Google Books books by arthur miller

Currency Flight Status Food Holidays
IP Address Math Movies Shipping Songs Songs Sports

453 Euro to $US
AA 2398. (enter airline and flight number) potato vs sweet potato
Presidents’ Day (shows date for this year)

(gets your computer’s IP address)
9045 divided by 11 (does calculation)
Movie Risen 08818 (name of movie and zipcode to find showings) 833 7411 9043 (enter package tracking #)
My heart will * belong to you (* is a wildcard)
Songs by the Spice Girls (gives list)
NY Knicks (just team name to get latest game score)

Stocks Weather Time Time Translate Weather

T. (enter stock ticker to get quote+) Sunrise 08818 OR Sunset Madison NJ Set time for 10 minutes
Time:West Coast

French to German (then you enter word) 07924 OR Weather Austin TX

Words Entomology spider

Knowledge Resources

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