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Another of our gourd canteen creations will be hitting the stage.  The Public Theatre (Lafayette St., NYC) part of the Theatre District just bought a gourd canteen (like one pictured above) for one of its productions.  News about which show it will appear in has not been released, but certainly works like the current production, DruidO’Casey, which is a set of Sean O’Casey works called Dublin Trilogy, might take advantage of such a prop (i.e. Druids). 


In the last few years, I have sold my gourd canteens to other prop and production teams also, such as:


Canadian film company, CreativeBC’s (British Colombia), Open Ice Productions, located in Blaire, Washington (on the border of Canada near Vancouver), filmed the new TV series called “Trade Winds.” 


The United Kingdom-based film studio, called Pinewood Studios, – a large TV and film company located in Iver Heath, England—purchased some.  Pinewood is famous for the James Bond films.  Productions the gourds were used in:

  • Black Widow, Marvel Comics film, produced by Disney Studios.

  • Morbius, Marvel Comics, horror superhero film.


General Film Corp in New Zealand filmed the movie -- The Dead Lands -- a supernatural action adventure, which aired on TV, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020.  It is based on a successful New Zealand movie and became a TV series on the AMC channel.  Dead Lands is inspired by Māori traditions and histories.


Mark Thompson, Gourdworks


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