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NOTE:  We have placed two types of tiny gourds.  One is made into a tiny creature, like an owl.  The other is an actual gourd whistle. You can tell the difference because has simple geometric designs.  

Gourd Earth Project

Thanks for Adopting a Gourd - Why Are We Doing This?  

We love gourds and want to green America.  So we offer free gourd creations hoping people start their own gardens and experience hands-on nature. 

Open the cork or crack open the gourd and shake out seeds.  Plant them in the spring (see instructions here).  Explore Gourd Earth Project resources on these pages: STEM learning projects, arts & crafts, gardening and exploring nature, among others. Try the folk tales and history links on the right.

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Here are some PHOTOS.

If you want to buy a little gourd for yourself, you get one HERE.


These are excerpts from my booklet of projects (called Fun with Gourds) for the Gourd Earth Project.  The booklet is low cost, just enough to help cover the costs I have for making the tiny gourds that I give out.  Read it to prepare for the gourds you grow next year!


To start crafting right away, dried gourds of all sizes can be purchased on ebay, ETSY, or individual gourd farmers online.  Use the search term "tiny bottle gourd."  I am working on putting together some kids' kits so that you would have everything you need to get started. In the meantime, click on the PDF icon above to get a document with some projects you could do once you get some gourds.

Gourd book cover_edited.jpg


Our mission at Gourd Earth Project is to surprise people everywhere with the amazing vegetable called gourd, which many never heard about.  We hope that GOURDS can lead people to learn about and cherish our earth more.

Gourds are an ancient vegetable - the oldest one

to be cultivated in North American by Native Americans thousands of years ago.  Go to these pages to learn more: 

How to Plant Your Gourd

Everything Gourds

Quick Gourd History

Gourd Origins

Using Gourd Canteens


Our vision is for people to fun with the gourds they find.  It is free so use it or pass it forward.  But before you do, sprinkle out some seeds and plant your own gourds.  The efforts spent on this Project comes from my love of gourds and my hope that more people will cherish and protect our environment.  

Want your own Earth Gourd,  buy one at my ETSY site.

Consider buying the Project's companiion booklet, Gourds Love the Earth, which explains the gourd's impact on NATURE, ART, BIOLOGY, HISTORY, ARCHAEOLOGY, and so much more.  This book is suitable for ages 11 and above and is filled with many learning projects.  For even more information, you can find our book, America's Most Amazing, Amusing Vegetable: The Bottle Gourd, which is available on Amazon.

Knowledge Resources

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