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How to Play the Gourd Whistle

This is really just a tiny flute.  Flutes make sounds because of air passing over an edge carved or cut into the wood/metal instrument.  The edge tone is produced when air is blown quickly over the hole.  Since it is small, and we made one hole in the gourd, like most whistles it only sounds one tone or pitch.  You, of course, can make it sound softer or louder, pure or vibrating depending on what you do with your breathe and lips.

Explanation: How to Pla

                   Hold the gourd horizontally, like this:

Purse your lips, like you are going to whistle, but don't produce any sound.  Hold the gourd against your lower lip, and blow steadily and forcefully across the top edge of the hole.  Do not press the upper part of your lips on the gourd.  This effort will take some time to figure out.  The pressure you have on the gourd with your lips matters.  The strength of your blowing matters.  The angle at which you blow matters.  Vary all three of these until you get the sound.  Be patient!

See How to Make a Gourd Whistle in my book on ETSY.  


Here is a video of playing the gourd whistle.

This video is posted to my YouTube channel.  Take a look, if interested in the other gourd instrument videos and some of my gourd history videos as well.  Enjoy!

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