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How we made our critters

We grow our own gourds and buy others from Amish gourd farmers in Lancaster NJ.  We buy them already dried and cleaned so we can start to work right away.  All of the Gourd Earth Project gourds are 3-5" tall and 2-3" wide.  After they are cleaned out we put a MIX of seeds from different shape gourds inside for you to use and then we secure them with a cork.  They will grow different shapes - see some sample results below.

We cut a hole in our tiny gourd and pulled out the dried fluff along with the seeds.  Guess how many seeds per gourd? 

c. 100!

Seeds 100.jpeg

Large variety of shapes were used in creating all of our Gourd Earth Project gourds.  See the variety to the right - in gourd shapes and seed shapes.  

We use bits and pieces of different gourds to make the critter along with clay, beads, seeds, etc..  We have distributed mostly gourd critters and whistles.   

Gourd Critter sheet A.jpg

The pics are of the first batchof Gourd Earth critters I have placed.  The one you found may be among them!  I hope to make many, many more.

More to come!

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