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Fake letter from grandma

A friend asked me to read a posting in a conservative online news site that purported to have received a Hispanic grandmother's letter to her grandchildren about where the country was headed. I did the research.

Here is what I wrote. I do not disclose the source - to do so would perpetuate its fake news.

Your article from WorldTribune, “Letter to my children…”

Whenever I receive an article from someone, I first research the source for its credibility.

No sense in reading nonsense. In this case, World Tribune fails the test.

· Single source and lone editor, Robert Morton; no reporters on staff. He works out of his home in Falls Church, VA.

· He created WorldTribune as “an experiment” while working at a conservative think tank.

· Also works for Times (Washington) whose owner is Rev Moon’s Unification Church.

· The Drudge Report and other discredited sites publish “articles” from World Tribune.

· Bad publicity for 2003 when Morton published an article supporting Bush that said weapons-of-mass-destruction were “found” in Lebanon; cited without any source during the war with Iraq, which they then had to retract.

· Funding also comes from subscription based newsletter with conservative “insider” news reports.

The New Yorker published an article exposing World Tribune for its falsehoods.


Review of World Tribune on:

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