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Have we given up on debates?

WWE's revenues are now a $billion per year built on fake wrestling. It started back in 1953. The presidential debates came on TV in 1960 with Nixon and Kennedy. They are probably worth many millions just the wrestling and just as fake. But the worst of it all is the fact that we accept it, view it with a shrug and a wink. We consume it as entertainment (see the polls) and that feeds into our contempt for government. This is government of the people, so that contempt comes right back to ourselves. We are guilty for wanting fake wrestling and fake leadership.

With the Trump and Biden or with Trump and Clinton debates, we have arrive at the WWE version of campaigning. Lots of network coverage, lots of press and advertising consumed around the world. Big business. All nonsense.

Axios had an article about the misinformation campaigns ahead of the debate that drum up more interest around conspiracies. They track the migration of social media posts around the false narrative of Biden being prompted in his answers via earpieces. There, I did it again. I have repeated the nonsense. Because what Biden said about his renewable energy policies, his jobs programs, his plan for COVID relief are left out of the mix. I am sorry we have arrived here. Here being the place where all of our time and energy goes to pouring water on misinformation campaigns and not helping thirsty people.

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