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Keep Thinking, I Think.

If God is dead, or least His church gave up, then does nature worship return? Seeing the heavens, passing of time, violent changes, it all seems beyond our ability to form a concept. But we think something is at work, not just us. Some power, some force as we may now now, wields its power on us. We feel it. We think we know it. We may call it many different things. What is it that is acting on us? Is it the force of fate, circumstance, nature or nurture, or just our genes? These days it seems biology has won the keystone viewpoint and reigns far above with its mechanistic predictions. Everything, even this sentence, pours forth due to chemical processes in my brain. Or is it an inevitability of universal evolution, expansion, and creaturehood? In any event, it was bound to happen. Keep thinking.

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