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Our Minds Live

After all, it is said, “I think, therefore, I am.” I contain thoughts. I am my thoughts. But today, it is, I am my statements. Out of the cloud of my mind, form the raindrops of my Twitter posts. There is a strain of inevitability after all. Many state that use of and the currency of information has its best analogy in eating food. We are what we intake and digest. We either eat healthy and true, or we eat junk food, and false. And we live a disgusting or undigestible lie.

Some would rather say our mind is like a computer. Data in and data out. Junk in and junk out. We hear a small part of what we take in and we listen to even less of that. We only register data that links to previous channels in our brain and the rest gets ground out as cognitive dissonance.

But we now have a new perspective about our mind. Our minds live. They are natural elements making sense of other natural elements. We think as a natural response to the world. Our senses have evolved into targeted tools for grasping those elements that allow our survival. As the cognitive scientists and neurobiologists point out, our brains are not stomachs nor machines. We have eyes, taste buds, saliva, digestive systems, and enzymes that manipulate all of what we experience into an individual mash of thoughts. Our human minds are like beasts, the same as we attribute to other “unknowing” animals around us. Those stupid animals. But to some of them, we are the stupid ones.

Why do we make mistakes? If our systems have evolved to be the best of all of nature, what went wrong? Wouldn’t you think after millions of years, we would work perfectly? Yet, we do not know everything about everything. We overload, grow anxious, get angry, and blame others for what they say and write. It is like saying a llama’s spit or a dog’s drool is wrongly targeted at me.

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